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Elastizell Systems, Inc. is a Concrete Application Specialist providing unmatched expertise in Geotechnical Applications across the Central and Eastern United States.

We are highly sought after to present customized solutions to exceed your expectations.

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In business since 1972, Elastizell Systems provides a wealth of experience and

will work diligently to ensure that every project is handled with our exceptional quality.

Customer Satisfaction

Our expertise and attention to detail provide assurance to clients that we know our product and the best ways to implement it for your application.

Best Solutions

Providing lightweight elegant solutions for the simplest of applications to the most difficult, we have the experience to tackle and solve all of your construction needs.

Superior Quality

Our quality is unmatched in the industry.  Holding ourselves to very high standards ensures that our results are precise, reliable, and accurate.

Landscape-Plaza Application

  • COSI - Center of Science & Industry | Columbus, Ohio

    A sprawling 602 street-level parking lot gave way to a new 8-acre public green space and park that would reside overtop of a 2-Level parking deck for 620 underground parking spots.

    The public green space is divided into an activity plaza with 2 buildings, a cafe, restrooms, a north green and a south green.

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