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Landscape & Plaza Fills


Renovation of plazas and office malls is often a more desirable solution than constructing a new facility.   The new look can revitalize an otherwise drab area.   Tenant and visitor interests may be rekindled in the location.

Renovations of existing plazas often have load restrictions which preclude landscaping with planters, retaining walls, earth fill, or reflecting pools without exceeding the design loading.   Elastizell EF increases the potential for various landscaping possibilities to an existing or new structure by significantly reducing dead loads.

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Facts, Physical Properties & Technical Data

For additional information about Elastizell Systems, Inc Landscape & Plaza Fill Solutions, CLICK HERE to download our data sheet.

Some benefits of using Elastizell EF for Landscape & Plaza Fills:

  • Elastizell EF reduces dead loads.
  • Ability to support equipment needed to create landscaping.
  • Resistance to freeze/thaw cycles and water absorption make Elastizell EF ideal for this application.
  • Elastizell EF can create positive slope for drainage and ADA accessibility.
  • Since it is pumped into place, Elastizell EF can form various architectural curves and shapes.
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