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Roof Decking


For more than 50 years, the Elastizell Corporation of America has researched, developed, tested and improved the Elastizell Roof Deck System.

Elastizell Roof Decks have numerous wind uplift, fire and seismic ratings with both mechanically fastened, built-up roofing systems and fully adhered single ply membranes.

Marjor roofing manufacturers accept Elastizell Roof Decks with their warrented membranes.

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Facts, Physical Properties & Technical Data

For additional information about Elastizell Systems, Inc Engineered Fill Solutions, CLICK HERE to download our data sheet.

Some benefits of using Elastizell EF for NEW Roof Deck Fills:

  • Versatile - Elastizell Roof Decks can be placed over precast or cast-in-place concrete, as well as galvanized (G-60 or G-90) steel decking.   EPS insulation board increases R-values and reduces dead load, with system weights as low as 8 to 9 psf.
  • Solid Base - Elastizell Roof Decks encapsulate EPS board within the system, bonding the EPS board to the deck and providing a solid base for roofing membranes with custom slope-to-drain capability.
  • LTTR (Long Term Thermal Resistance) - the EPS insulation is protected within the system, providing a permanent LTTR.
  • Speed - roofing may begin when the Elastizell Roof Deck can withstand foot traffic - typically two to three days after the deck is cast.
  • Positive Drainage - positive drainage patterns are achieved by combining a stair-stepped EPS insulation board with custom sloping of the Elastizell low density insulating concrete over the EPS board.
  • Fire Ratings/Non-Combustible - Elastizell Roof Decks have numerous fire ratings.   These assemblies are non-combustible and do not require fireproofing of the underside of the steel deck or a thermal barrier that is necessary with rigid board systems.   The flutes of the metal deck are filled, eliminating the fire channel.
  • Excellent Wind Uplift - Elastizell Roof Decks perform as an air retarder providing excellent wind uplift performance.   It bonds the EPS board to the structural deck, filling depressions and deck flutes.   Elastizell Roof Decks have numerous UL, FM, and Miami-Dade County wind uplift ratings.
  • Constructability - Flat decks are simpler to design and easier to construct than a sloped structure.   Installation of HVAC components is easier with a flat deck structure.   Elastizell Roof Decks provide a positive slop-to-drain system over flat decks, and are less ecpensive and time consuming than sloped rigid insulation board systems.

Re-Roofing Fill Applications

In typical re-roofing applications, insulation board sytems require total tear-off.   This is because the board has lost its strength and insulation value.   Total tear-off is risky and can pose a threat to the building's interior.   A great deal of debris must be hauled to landfills - a costly operation which is time consuming and environmentally unacceptable.

Two inches of Elastizell low density insulating concrete only adds 7 to 9 psf to a structure where two inches of ponded water on a roof adds 10 psf dead load.

A major advantage of an Elastizell re-roofing system is that it may be applied directly over an existing roof in order to correct drainage.   The addition of EPS insulation board encapsulated within the Elastizell provides increased thermal insulation and a permanent, solid base for the final roofing membrane system.   If portions of the existing insulation are wet or deteriorated, they should be replaced.   If the old roof remains in place, the mess, time, and expense of tear-off are avoided.

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More Information

Facts, Physical Properties & Technical Data

For additional information about Elastizell Systems, Inc Re-Roofing Fill Applications, feel free to CLICK HERE or on the pdf image to the right to download our data sheet.

Some benefits of using Elastizell EF for Re-Roofing Applications:

  • Green Products - Elastizell Roof Decks are accepted as a "Green" product by BuildingGreen, Inc., publishers of Environmental Building News, Green Building Advisor, and GreenSpec.
  • Reduce Energy Load - Elastizell Roof Decks reduce energy load requirements, and facilitate renovations by resloping and increasing R-values.
  • Low-Maintenance - Elastizell Roof Decks are durable, sustainable, and low-maintenance.   Due to these features, Elastizell Roof Decks are listing in the GreenSpec Directory.
  • Reduce Energy Consumption - by providing permanent insulation that does not suffer from the thermal drift characteridstics associated with rigid board insulation.
  • Heat Sink - Elastizell Roof Decks provide a heat sink beneath the roofing membrane, which reduces thermal shock from solar heat followed by cooling at night or by rain.   The reduction in thermal shock lengthens the life of the roofing membrane.
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